About Sopheak

Sopheak Seng is a talented fashion editor, writer and stylist, who began his formal fashion training at Massey University before venturing in to the workroom of designer Robyn Mathieson. He later styled and merchandised for the Wellington designer, later moving on to Fashion Marketing Ltd. In July 2010, he was appointed fashion editor of Lucire, overseeing the fashion for all editions, in print and online, the first male to hold the role. He also was given the Lucire beauty portfolio in 2011 for New Zealand.

Lucire publisher Jack Yan calls Sopheak ‘energetic and enthusiastic,’ saying that he ‘has an encyclop√¶dic knowledge of fashion.’

Jack adds, ‘There aren’t many people who can pick out the brand and season of a pair of shoes at 50 paces, but Sopheak can. I’ve seen him identify the inspiration for a designer correctly before we’ve had a chance to read the show notes, and he has the same skill of knowing the source when it comes to fashion photography.’

As a stylist Sopheak Seng has worked with a number of local and international talent from singer Bella Kalolo to actress Evangeline Lilly, dressing them for music videos, editorials and red carpet events. Sopheak has also consulted on a number of key projects as the lead fashion director for commercials, advertising campaigns and for local designers.